Telephone Exchange


Pbx, Intercom, Battery less phones, wireless phones integrated with engine and fire alarm.

We help you to find right tools to make your day easier and more cost efficient.

Wide range of communication systems, for safety and  daily work tool.
Diwiton can supply you with the whole chain of communication onboard, from the satellite antenna to the handheld wireless phone.

All systems are tailor made after the needs of each ship, and thanks to the possibility to control many functions from one and the same unit,
the work can now be done more effective and the environment is safe.


Diwiton offers solutions especially developed to suit the extreme environment of the maritime segment,
We always strive to deliver a communication solution as complete as possible.
Our strength; we combine products from the largest suppliers; Mitel, Stentofon, Cobs Sailor and KVH.

Tailor made solutions
Since all ships are different, the solutions are tailored to each ship’s needs and desires. The work onboard is now more efficient with wireless monitoring of machine alarms and control of pumps, and the safety among the personnel has increased since the alarms and other important information can be sent directly to their phones.


Increased flexibility
A communication solution where you’re not dependent on fixed alarm buttons has been one of the demands to minimize the lead times. Personal alarms, assault alarms, lone worker alarms and the posibility to be able to start, stop and control actions from the same unit are all important functions of the solution. Also the fire alarm is integrated to the system. With the help of COBS message server the closest camera is set to be activated in case of a fire, and it starts recording the alarmed zones.

The systems are fully integrated directly to the ships pbx and fully coverage above ship. You will have the same function as you have in the regular deskphone onboard


Opinion from a customer
”We are really satisfied with our cooperation with Diwiton and the products from COBS make our everyday life both safer and more efficient”, says Bengt Martinsson electrical engineer on Stena Saga.